Fed raises 75points – Orr must too – why we need to bail out first time home buyers & not the banks


Just as TDB has been predicting, the Fed uses its 75point bazooka!

Fed Hikes 75 Basis Points; Powell Says 75 or 50 Likely in July

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 75 basis points — the biggest increase since 1994 — and Chair Jerome Powell signaled another big move next month, intensifying a fight to contain rampant inflation.

The Wall Street meltdown last week was a clear indication that the market didn’t believe the Fed when it claimed to have taken its bazooka off the table, the dynamics of capitalism at play forced a response which Adrian Orr must now take into consideration.

Will Orr’s bazooka come into play in the next OCR?

Surely it must!

As TDB has been warning from the beginning, the economic shockwave of Covid is here driven by supply side inflation caused by just in time global capitalism grinding to a halt.

The knock on effect of 6.9% inflation plus mortgage hikes caused by interest rates being forced up over the ocean of private debt is a fucking maelstrom of damage.

I argue we will face 10% inflation by December.

KiwiSaver accounts will diminish, mortgage rates and rents rise, food and petrol prices to continue to skyrocket as Russia’s war in the Ukraine and China’s zero tolerance to Covid combine to create a force multiplier of risk, economic shockwaves and inflationary pressures.

Small business owners who have been alphas all their life and have grown attached to the liberty that liquid gives them are about to go belly up and that bitter resentment will feed ACT.

The poor are suffering beyond the financial fears of the middle classes, food banks are spiking 500% more demand and their overcrowded existence is ripe kindling for covid.

So can Orr’s bazooka help the economy as the real pain starts?

If all Orr has is a sudden jump in the interest rate to try and slow the almost 7% inflation, the ramifications of the true gravity from all that private debt becomes realised.

The problem as I see it is the inflation is being caused by unique supply side constrictions, so the only tool left is the ‘bazooka’, which Adrian Orr used last time with a .75 cut. If he needs to get ahead of a sudden spike in the cost of basics because ports are jammed solid it would need to be one enormous hand break.

We’ve seen a 50 point rise, and if Orr is going to use the Bazooka to any effect, especially in the light of the markets reaction to the Fed taking theirs off the table, it’s the next OCR that must be a possible 75 point or 100 point rise.

If Orr has to pull that hand break, we best hope there are airbags for everyone.

The steep rise in repaying the ocean of debt will suck money directly out of the pockets of people, many of whom are on the tipping point between functioning and desperate.

With the majority of mortgages being rewritten this year, people will be walking from historically low mortgage rates to steep jumps in monthly payments for a house suddenly losing value.

This leads to a plunge in consumer confidence, enormous financial pressures and the economy built on hospitality, tourism & retail withers as wave after wave of sickness and death trips the country back into a deep cultural recession and brutal self imposed lockdown.

Labour have been stung by the simple fact that their Covid response to date has enriched the wealthiest NZers by $1Trillion and this represents the largest transfer of wealth in NZs history.

The pittance Labour have given to the poor while pricing homeownership out of entire generations of Kiwis is causing electoral stresses.

Labour have plummeted in the Polls because the poor have lost faith in Jacinda’s transformative neokindness.

The broader Jacinda smiles, the more she tilts her head to one side and nods empathetically, the more those hurting economically feel betrayed as the costs of living crisis swallows their hopes for a better tomorrow up whole.

If Orr believes the Market must believe he’s serious, a 75 point increase must be on the cards, and the economic cost of that will cause many to snap.

Without some radical package to help everyone rebuild from this pandemic, the economic carnage will mutilate whatever survives.

Labour must look to new taxes aimed at the mega rich while removing the tax yoke from working class people!

Labour must then use that tax to fund universal services like:

  • Free public transport
  • Free school breakfasts and lunches
  • Free internet at Maraes and Libraries
  • Taking GST off fresh food and vegetables
  • Free dental care
  • More gastro bypass surgeries,
  • Far more funding for Pharmac
  • Lowering GST to 10%
  • Making the first $20 000 tax free.
  • 30% Government share holding in a new supermarket chain to smash the duopoly.

Let’s at least agree on the following, that when the enormous economic depression hits us, we refuse point blank to bail out the fucking banks!

Instead of bailing those greedy pricks out, we should protect first time home buyers by moving any mortgagee sales for owner occupiers over to KiwiBank and give it Government backing and rewrite the mortgages. You can’t wipe an entire generation of home owner who bought high in the market out because Free Market Global Capitalism is about to shit itself.

If you think things are hard economically now, you aren’t seeing what is about too hit us.

This is going to be another crisis and this Government with this Leader can stand up in moments of crisis. Universal provision of services from new taxes aimed at the mega rich is the only move left.

I do not believe that you are ready for this jelly.


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