Doc Edge is “art-washing” racist brutality and apartheid

We have become aware the 2022 Doc-Edge film festival includes the Israel Embassy of New Zealand as an official “supporter”. 

It appears this role of “supporter” involves the Israeli embassy sponsoring and funding Israeli film entries in return for it having its embassy logo included in the official list of supporters publicised by the Festival.

This is deeply insulting to Palestinians who live under Israel’s racist apartheid regime.

Within the last month Israel has announced the ethnic cleansing of over 1000 more Palestinians from their land (the largest cleansing since 1967); the building of over 4,000 more homes in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land; murdered leading Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and then launched a shocking attack on pall-bearers and mourners at her funeral.

And just today a state-sanctioned march by racist Israelis through occupied East Jerusalem attacked Palestinians while chanting “death to Arabs”.

And Doc Edge puts the logo of this racist state’s representatives on your festival programme!

What are Palestinians to make of this?

Israel has an international programme of propaganda to gain “legitimacy” and “normalisation” of its brutal oppression of Palestinians. 

Doc-Edge is participating in this propaganda drive. Helping to “art-wash” a racist apartheid regime is not acceptable.

We want the Israel Embassy logo removed from the festival site and festival programme today as a show of basic respect for Palestinians – including Palestinian New Zealanders.

Please act urgently and stand with Palestinians rather than with those who have brutally oppressed them for over 75 years.

Please respond to this message without delay.

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