Dishonest, deceitful and misleading: Nasty smears from our security services

It hasn’t taken long for our security services to revert to type and shift their focus from white supremacists back to identifying security threats from progressive organisations challenging human rights abuses by US allies.

This time Aotearoa New Zealand’s Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG) in consultation with police, the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the National Assessments Bureau (NAB) have identified “pro-Palestinian” protestors as part of the Covid 19-related occupation at parliament earlier this year.

The security assessments have been obtained by Newshub through the Official Information Act and looked at how “politically-motivated violent extremists” (PMVEs) could react as a result of the protest clearance at parliament.

This “five eyes” assessment has a long, narrow gaze which is seeing potential PMVEs in the Palestine solidarity movement.

It’s a nasty, repugnant smear.

There was a Palestinian flag being held at one point during the occupation but the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa has no idea who that person was. We tried to identify them from the livestream but couldn’t – if we had we would have told them to put the flag away. For all we know it could have been a deliberate plant.

What we do know is there was an Israeli flag carried at the protest during the clearance of the occupation but somehow it escaped the attention of the myopic racists in our security services.

There is no mention in their report of the pro-Israel lobby being part of the Wellington protest. The SIS and Police don’t make any association of potential PMVEs from supporters of Israel’s racist, apartheid regime. It doesn’t fit their blinkered narrative – their essentially US-driven, racist view of the world.

Much easier to pick on the Palestinian victims of racism and apartheid – just as former governments here and in the US were happy to label the national liberation struggle in South Africa as “communist” and “terrorist” when all it wanted was basic human rights.

To rub buckets of salt in the wound, six Palestinians were amongst the 51 murdered worshippers in the mosque attacks in Christchurch and our security services were clueless. They failed to protect the Muslim community and the Palestinians who are part of the Muslim community. They were looking the other way.

And now here they are making repulsive smears – guilt by association – against Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists in their assessment of the Wellington occupation.

Dishonest, deceitful and misleading.

By all accounts our security services have regular meetings and a cosy relationship with the pro-Israel lobby. Nothing surprising there and no wonder they never gave a second thought to that Israeli flag.

The Israeli flag has become a symbol of racism and oppression across the world while the Palestinian flag is a symbol of hope and freedom.

I know which flag I stand with – our security services stand with the other one.

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