Dear NZ – please tell me you aren’t so stupid to believe the sudden generosity of NZ Supermarkets

Oh aren’t the Supermarkets soooooooo generous to us all right now?

Foodstuffs announces 10% cut in prices of core grocery items

Supermarket giant Foodstuffs is cutting prices by an average of 10 percent on more than 110 everyday items, to 2021 levels.

Please tell me my fellow Kiwis that you are not so fucking stupid to believe the supermarket duopoly that has collectively molested us for their monopoly profits for decades?

Please tell me you understand their sudden ‘generosity’ is because they are terrified of losing the market advantage of their duopoly.

Please tell me you know they are trying to manipulate us as they price gauge us!

Please tell me right when we are facing change that you aren;’t so easily tricked?

Let me be as clear as I can Tiny Kiwi


The cost of living crisis is hurting the very voters Labour promised to be transformative for.

The list of tax wonkery Jacinda descends into when listing the tinkering around the edges Labour has done that seems to believe everyone struggling is a certified tax accountant who are doing their taxes weekly is a farce.

The Left have done sweet fuck all for the material hardships of poverty, housing, inequality and climate change.

As I have pointed out tirelessly, while Labour saved us from Covid, they haven’t saved us from the ruthlessness of the under regulated free market.

I have argued over and over that we will see double digit inflation this year and that asking kiwis to endure more isn’t a political solution.

They need to hope that their basic costs will come down.

They need to believe a new Supermarket backed by the Government could do that.

Covid taught us food security matters and a Supermarket chain that embeds a cheaper food security while supporting local supplies is a necessity to correct a broken market!

Government should enter into a deal with Iwi to stock a new chain of Government/Iwi Supermarkets that champion local produce at better prices for the consumer and

We need a kiwi subsidy on all local produce to recognize that producers have already used water and created local climate changing gases to create their product and as such consumers have already paid a price just to get the product to their table.

We should feed the 5million here first before boasting about feeding 40million world wide!

Calls to ‘feed the 5 million first’ before exporting NZ food

People are going hungry even though New Zealand produces enough food to feed 40 million – and it’s spurring calls for the country to “feed the five million first”.

Almost 40 percent of New Zealand households experience food insecurity, while 19 percent of children live in households that experience food insecurity.

Poverty researcher Dr Rebekah Graham said while working on her thesis on food insecurity, she interviewed a woman who walked for 90 minutes each day to get a free community meal.

A state owned 3rd supermarket chain would do more for providing a cheaper means of living to all kiwis who have food security issues. It would do more for welfare than any single PM since Savage.

History is calling Labour. To date you have had nothing to show beyond crisis responses. We still have 190000 kids in poverty, over 22000 on emergency housing lists, growing inequality and a climate crisis with no real solutions.

A state owned supermarket chain that radically forced competition on base level cost of living for a vast swathe of New Zealanders would be a legacy worthy of Labour.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueler to corporations.

As your poll numbers topple Labour, will you finally accept that some big vision projects are necessary and not just more tinkering?

The people are hurting economically, is the Left so bereft of ideas beyond middle class identity politics virtue signals that we have nothing to offer them?

As I have said time and time again, if you don’t want the poor to have their economic misery manipulated by the Right, then do something about their economic misery!

The NZ Supermarkets have gouged us for decades, screw their face generosity, and take 30% of their stake and form a real competition.

The truth is that our economic pain has only just begun.

Why is is that the Left have to continually protect capitalism from itself?


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