Dear Kiwis – we are going to have to have a word about all the NZers we are locking out with MIQ

Let’s be brutally honest, with Omicron rampaging around the planet, there is no way in hell we are loosening up the MIQ process, if anything it will get tougher.

The political damage that a Omicron leak from MIQ would cause is election losing.

Polls tell us that a solid majority of Kiwis still want a hard border where nothing comes in so the cries of those locked out will find only sympathy in Stuff columns.

But we have to talk about our diaspora because their justified rage at being locked out of their home needs to be discussed.

It’s tough because there’s an anger from domestic kiwis at the traveling class flitting overseas in the middle of a pandemic and little empathy for migrant workers who can’t bring in their families.

From those locked out of MIQ, there is nothing but anguish and a burning hatred of us smug hermits locked away safely in our kingdom .

This diaspora rage is going to have political ramifications which brings us to a tough problem. You can only vote if you have been in NZ once in the last 3 years but with the travel restrictions that will mean many overseas kiwis won’t have been able to get into the country.

Is it fair to strip a NZer of their voting rights if we lock them out of the country?

This question becomes harder to answer knowing their rage will be voiced with the Party who promises to throw open the border!

So, should we allow Kiwis trapped overseas the right to vote knowing they will vote for whichever Party promises them entry which possibly puts the rest of us at risk?

There are no easy answers in the smug hermit kingdom.

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