Dear Jacinda – you have to rein Trevor in or he’s going to cause an insurrection

Parliament protest – Speaker Trevor Mallard plays Barry Manilow, Macarena over loud speakers to deter crowd

Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard has started his next attempt to make life uncomfortable for the protesters outside Parliament, by setting up speakers to boom Barry Manilow, the Macarena, and Covid-19 vaccination messages at them.


Jesus wept – when will he start playing screaming rabbits on loop!

This is bordering on psychological torture now – why the fuck is the tantrum throwing man child with a long history of anger management issues still being allowed to keep provoking things?

Jacinda, you have to step in now and rein Trevor back in or he’s going to cause an insurrection!

This movement of fringe lunatics had puffed itself all out on Day 2. They had tried to push through the police line, but the Police operated with the highest level of professionalism and pushed them back.

3 arrests were made.

That night on Wednesday, the internal factions imploded with the largest faction leaving on Thursday morning!

This entire fiasco was falling over, and then what did Trev do?

After being bombarded by easily triggered middle class staff and mainstream media crying they were frightened by the unwashed, he goes all grumpy protector bear and orders the cops to remove the scum from his precious lawns!

And what happened?

Trev gave these feral lunatics a common enemy and live streamed a 10 hour fucking recruitment video that has seen the crowd swell to 2000!

Dragging people out by the hair for 10 hours tends to radicalise people and that’s what is happening!

What’s been Trev’s response to his strategic clusterfuck? Turning on the sprinklers, floodlights at night and loud music bordering on psychological torture!

These are not Uni students, or middle class woke Wellington activists who can be pushed around! These are the people bearing the economic lash of mandates most harshly and they have nothing to lose!

Jacinda, call your dog off, it’s making things immeasurably worse!

Right now, you are going to either have to allow these feral lunatics to stay or authorise the use of clubs and Police dogs to force them off the Lawn, is that the legacy you want to sum up your time in Parliament?

A violent State crack down because Trevor is being a fuckwit?

That’s the muddy lawn you are prepared to die on is it Jacinda?

Where are the adults and why is Trevor being allowed to provoke an insurrection?

Sure there is American Dark Money involved here.

I’ve been making that argument since they interfered in the cannabis referendum, but Trevor is providing the fucking ammunition for those Steve Bannon and Qanon lunatics to recruit even more to the cause!

Remember, this was going to fall over on Thursday morning right up until Trev started bashing heads and arresting people.

Trevor has provoked a response that is now erupting – we either accept these protestors on the lawn until they blow themselves out or be prepared for a level of violence from the Police that we’ve never seen in modern times – great work Trev.

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