Dear Feral AntiVaxx convoy protesters – don’t forget to vote (do you know what that word means?)

Dear Feral Antivaxx convoy protestors.

Now, I sense my recent post calling you out for your bloated redneck ignorance and basic lack of school level scientific knowledge has angered many of you.

Please allow me to apologise.

I didn’t mean to make you angry, I and the vast, vast, vast majority of NZ just wanted to laugh at you.

A collective of you feral is known as a ‘location of ignorance’. Isn’t that funny?

I’ve never received so many misspelled threats in my life!

Grammar is something that happens to other people for you lot right?

I particularly like how you don’t hide your names when you want to abuse me…

…now I don’t want all this anger to go to waste. It would be like alzheimers patients missing out on pudding if we can’t channel your spastic rage into something more hilarious.

Look, one of you feral Antivaxx lunatics set up a website to encourage voting on who you will hang first when your weird coup takes over.

What is outrageous is that I’m not the number one person you intend to lynch under your insane interpretation of the Nuremberg trials!

My dear, stupid AntiVaxxers, I have shat on you and your stupid beliefs more than any other political commentator in New Zealand, I’ve argued that while it’s your right to refuse life saving vaccinations for the most stupid of reasons, it’s our right to laugh at you when you die.

I’ve laughed at your claims that this is a conspiracy run by a satanic child molesting cabal who stole the election from Trump and are using 5G technology to spread the virus to bring about a shadowy one world government.

I’ve mocked your ignorance, I’ve highlighted your nonsense and I’ve embarrassed your arguments and yet I am not on your fucking list of people you intend to hang???

What sort of shit is that?

Come on, I should be as popular with you loonies as Louis CK at a feminist conference, or Trump at a Black Lives Matter protest or JK Rawlings on NZ Twitter!

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I deserve to be number one on your lynching list, that’s why I’ll keep bringing it up until I get to number 1!

Vote here to nominate and make me number 1!

Comrades if we work in solidarity, we can ensure I’m the number one person AntiVaxx sociopaths intend to hang during their magical coup against the Government.

So, my dear Feral Antivaxx lunatics, get out and vote right now. Do you know what the word ‘voting’ means?

Or ‘get’.

Or ‘now’.

Or ‘out’.

Or ‘and’.

Or ‘right’.

Ask someone in the convoy, they’ll know someone who isn’t in the convoy to get a dictionary.

Hashtag I’m Spartacus.


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