Dear complaining Country Calender Farmers – you don’t understand the term ‘woke’

Dear complaining Country Calendar Farmers.

As someone who likes to credit myself with the wide spread use of the word ‘woke’ as a term aimed at identity politics activists in NZ, I’m sorry to tell you all that you are using the word wrong.

“Wokeness has invaded Country Calendar. Switched over to Family Guy after three minutes,”

As a class lefty, I see identity as an important personal journey that leads you to politics but feel Identity Politics becomes terribly limited in gaining the democratic 51% as its most shrill advocates in the cancel culture landscape manage to make progress as alienating as a cold cup of vomit.

Class solidarity can gain 51%, Identity Politics risks pure temple over broad-church and you get endless schisms and little to show for it.

For most ultra woke activists, their Holy Trinity Dogma is (in the name of the non-binary Mother) all white people are cross burning racists, (in the name of the non binary daughter) every man is a rapist (and in the name of the monthly ghost) anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the trans community.

There’s not much intellectual wriggle room there.

That virtue-signalling-middle-class-micro-aggression-policing-identifiably-Green-Party-militant-bike-riding-vegan-condescending-supporting-pronoun-Spinoff-subscriber in your social media feed screaming endlessly at you in the ubiquitous world of social media certainly thinks they are shouting truth to power, unfortunately it all ends up as a cacophony of self righteous struggle session outrage olympics alienating the vast chunk of voters who just want to know how they are paying for the roof over their heads and the food on their tables.

So that’s ‘Woke’. Identity Politics activists suffering the narcism of small difference and subjective triggering.

Two rich farmers playing soft music and mattresses for sheep being sheared of their wool isn’t ‘woke’, it’s ‘privilege’.

Your anger is at rich pricks having the wealth to sell their virtue signals and enjoying the privilege of it while you guiltily survey your own cost driven brutality of animal husbandry.

Just wanted to pop on in and help explain you are using my term wrong and unpack your fury in a reflective way.

You are angry at rich prick privilege, not identity politics activists.

Now gimme my Turkey’s in gumboots playing electric fences!


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