Dear Aucklanders – let’s stay close to home this Christmas

Brothers, Sisters, Comrades of Auckland.

Watching Hone Harawira beg Aucklanders to not go North this year demands a legitimate response from us.

We really need to seriously consider not holidaying in under vaxxed communities this year.

I know. I know. I know.

This year has been hell.

Jacinda just told us we are locked down under de facto house arrest for another month and we didn’t even flinch, so exhausted by this bloody plague are we!

But we have an obligation to stay out of regions that have low vaccination rates.

We just do.

It won’t kill us to holiday closer to home or somewhere with high vaccination rates this summer, but it may well kill those we accidentally infect.

Those locals deserve more from us than that type of selfishness.

I’m not damning anyone who does holiday – this year has hurt us all in unique ways – but if you can avoid doing it, consider it.

Our fellow brothers and sisters deserve that from us all.

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