David Seymour (bless his heart) agrees with me on one thing at least!

It’s a mixed blessing to see ACT leader David Seymour agreeing with me but he is right to oppose mandatory vaccination for people who are able to show they are free of covid 19.

I have blogged about this twice recently here and here.

It’s a heavy-handed overreach by the state to sack workers because they are unvaccinated when those same workers, through a simple, quick test are able to prove, as regularly as the government likes, that they are covid free.

The irony is that government policies mean vaccinated teachers and nurses, who do not need to show they are covid free, pose more danger to students at schools or to patients in hospitals than unvaccinated teachers or nurses who can prove they are covid free.

I’m pleased David Seymour can see this and astonished the government can’t or won’t.

The result of this government stance is not a safer community but rather a rapidly developing legacy of bitterness and alienation for a significant section of the population.

As I’ve said before, the government’s role is to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and provide the resources and the means for this to happen as the best way to avoid our health system from being overwhelmed.

At the same time the government should develop some respect for those who, for whatever reason, decline to be vaccinated but who can readily prove, at any time, they are covid free.


Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2021/11/16/david-seymour-bless-his-heart-agrees-with-me-on-one-thing-at-least/

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