Data security and storage in larger companies

Digitization is on the rise and global networking is more important than ever. Hence, issues such as the security of one’s own data and data protection are becoming increasingly important. However, carelessness, hardware failure, malware, force majeure and many other reasons can cause an enterprise to lose important data. For huge companies, saving their data is essential, since data are the most valuable possessions for firms. A loss of important data could threaten the companies’ existence. Thus, backups and safe ways to secure data are absolutely necessary. In this article, we explain relevant aspects regarding data protection and which options most large companies use. 


Relevant aspects for a valuable storage system

Firstly, data must be accessed through controlled and authorized channels in order to be secure. Secondly, the integration of the data is relevant. It ensures that the companies have a single and consistent version of data in order to be shared across the firm. Moreover, the quality of data is essential. Certain standards exist which data needs to meet for various external and internal data components. Furthermore, data redundance and disparity should be reduced because data is shared by all users. Hence, data modelling and management strategies can be the solution. Eventually, to meet different business needs, data must be scalable, flexible and robust.


Finding out whether a company has a sufficient data backup concept 

According to a survey conducted by NetApp, a global provider of data management and storage solutions, 95 percent of all companies regularly save their data. The survey which polled about 700 companies proved that backups and data storage are important issues in companies, but their implementation differentiates from company to company. Finding out whether the own company already possesses a good concept for data security is simple and can be conducted quite fast. Firstly, one needs to wonder if the firm announced a responsible person for data backups. Moreover, it is relevant to find out how often, when and how data is secured. Lastly, the question should be raised whether the backups are tested for completeness and function. If this is the case, the company already fulfills certain requirements for sufficient data storage and backups. In the following section, we explain which strategies most large companies utilize.


Options which large enterprises use

Large companies use several services and products in order to share information between departments and different locations. Two aspects are relevant: On the one hand, it is important to ensure that the employees have access to the companies’ data to make business processes as fast and simple as possible. On the other hand, the data needs to be secured from hackers and similar evildoers. Many companies use large bunkers with servers to secure their data. These bunkers are connected and saved with several safety measures, for instance staggered entry admission, meaning that the bunker door can only be opened when certain prerequisites are met, such a certain number of open doors at the floor. This option has several benefits. By using own servers, the company takes responsibility itself. As a result, it retains full data sovereignty because no external entity will be associated with the own data. Another option which large companies also tend to use is multiple authentications. Three-factor-authentication, for example, uses three aspects to allow access to a service instead of only one. This can include a combination of physical keys or chips, biometric data or secure passwords. Especially in companies which dispose of huge sums of money, data security is one of the most important aspects. This concerns not only stocks and bank apps, but also sport betting providers need to manage huge amounts of money and personal data in an extremely secure way. Hence, it is important that bookmakers such as provide an overview on the most secure betting sites and allow their customers to make the right and safest choice.