Covid, Measles & Foot and Mouth disease? Is 2022 the Winter of Plague?

We seem to have this dreadful accumulation of plagues driven by globalisation and over crowding.

We are still battling covid with its numerous emerging variants, but we also have a concern in NZ over measles…

Low vaccination rates prompt fears of severe measles outbreak

Health experts say a big effort is needed to turn around plummeting childhood vaccination rates, which they say are now so low the country is vulnerable to an outbreak similar to the devastating measles epidemic in 2019.

…and the economically damaging Foot and Mouth disease for cows…

Government warns of ‘doomsday’ if foot and mouth disease reaches New Zealand

The disease, which could cost the country billions of dollars and more than 100,000 jobs if rampant amongst livestock, is causing major concern in South Asia.

…Doomsday is mild. If Foot and Mouth occurs at the same time as a measles epidemic and a Covid pandemic, the accumulated shock waves will turn this into a Winter of Malcontent.

It’s a like a Winter of Discontent but worse.

Add to this the economic shockwave looming in the Northern Winter as Putin turns off gas to Europe and we have the perfect storm of perfect storms.

I do not b believe that we are ready for this Jelly.

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