Coster has nothing to apologise for – Police chase policy killed people 

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster apologises after backlash from officers over pursuit comments

The Police Commissioner has apologised after backlash from frontline officers over comments he made to AM this week about deaths during police pursuits.

Coster has nothing to apologise for.

The Police Chase Policy killed 60 people in 10 years.

Since the policy changed, no one has died.

The basic knuckle dragger argument goes like this, “But, but, but IT’S NOT THE POLICE FAULT! IT’S THE PERSON FLEEING BLAH BLAH BLAH”.

Here’s what people don’t understand.

In Coroner’s Report after Coroner’s Report, it is shown that Police lie about the chase, they lie about when they call the chase off, they lie about hearing the order to stop chasing, and they lie about equipment failure to justify not hearing the command to stop chasing.

Poorly trained cops pumped up with ‘red mist’ don’t hear the demands to stop chasing and in the heat of the moment chase until the person fleeing crashes.

When social policy is actually killing people for what are mostly property crimes, you can’t justify that.

Sure, Police should chase when the crime committed demands it, but the vast majority of those dying are not committing murder, rape or terrorism! They are property crimes, and theft of property isn’t a threshold that should ever see someone die!

Coster has nothing to apologise for.

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