Cops hunting weed in choppers: things for cannabis are worse now than when Labour started!

I thought we were beyond this bullshit war on drugs when it comes to cannabis?

Police to resume aerial cannabis operations a year after national operation was canned

Several police districts are planning to resume aerial search operations for cannabis, a year after top brass scrapped the annual eradication operation at a national level.

Stuff revealed last year that top brass at Police National Headquarters, which provides more than $700,000 a year to fund hundreds of hours of flight time for helicopters and planes used as part of the operation, decided to scrap it.

We are spending money on helicopter reconnaissance for a plant that almost 50% of the population called on to be a legal market???

How outrageous is this?

What makes it even more offensive is that because Labour have screwed up the medicinal cannabis market so badly, sick people are still turning to the illegal market for product!

We have the worst of all outcomes, a pious Government who tells us the dark days of prohibition are over when in fact it’s continuing while the medicinal cannabis market is dominated by corporate pharmaceutical interests!

And let’s not forget the class issue!

The real issue here is that middle class children named Apple and Bruschetta can party safely at their expensive summer festivals while working class stoners have their rights going backwards!

Look, I’m pro pro pro pro pro Drugs!  I’m all for Apple and Bruschetta getting their kicks safely at their expensive middle class summer festivals but the long suffering working class stoners are getting sweet fuck all.

The obscene farce Labour have allowed with medicinal cannabis to become dominated by corporate pharmaceuticals and Billionaires is the antithesis of what we should be building and things are worse now than when Labour started!


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