Comrades – We need a new left wing Radical Renters Party

The neoliberal NZ experiment has spawned a baby boomer subdivided middle class whose only illusion of wealth is the increasing property valuations generated by unfettered overseas buyers and slum lord property speculators.

The Political class are all property owners and they are benefiting from the rigged neoliberal casino of property speculation…

The houses of Parliament: MPs rack up millions in capital gains as housing affordability crisis worsens

MPs have pocketed $50 million in capital gains from their property interests in the last year amid a growing housing affordability crisis, a Stuff analysis has found.

It represents a significant increase in wealth for many elected representatives, around 95 per cent of whom have land or property interests. The vast majority of MPs are accumulating more wealth from their properties than from their salaries. 

…the current political spectrum refuses to challenge a neoliberal system they are benefiting from.

We need a Radical Renters Party that is economically eco-socialist and focused on material well being and fundamental capitalist reform rather than the minefield of woke identity politics.

Bernard Hickey gives a damning perspective in 2015

Imagine what a political party designed to represent New Zealand’s young renters would do if it got into power in Auckland or Wellington.

Let’s call it the Generation Rent Party.

Wooing the young and disenfranchised vote certainly won United States President Barack Obama his second term, but it was clear after last year’s election that no one has managed it in New Zealand.

Bernard was right 7 years ago, we need a Radical Renters Party.

We require new law cementing in long term tenancies with rent controls and the promotion of ‘ethical landlords’, people who refuse to squeeze every last drop of money out of their tenants for needless greed.

Our social inequality demands solutions, renters rights and affordable housing is part of that solution, the current propertied political class benefiting from our renting misery are the problem.

A Radical Renters Party would demand universal services were well funded that MSD and IRD couldn’t claw back.

  • Free public transport
  • Free School lunches and Breakfasts
  • 30% stake holding in Supermarket duopoly to bring down prices permanently
  • Sugar tax to fund free dental
  • Legal cannabis market so renters aren’t kicked out of tenancies for smoking cannabis.
  • Stop property speculators from
  • 50 000 eco-state houses
  • Owner Occupier first home buyer affordable houses on specially built urban apartments built on Public Works Act seized Golf Courses.
  • Financial transaction tax on the banks and corporations.

I’m sick of waiting for Labour and the Greens to stop wasting time with the low hanging fruit of identity politics and start effecting change for everybody’s week to week bills!

40% of us are renters, the economy is rigged in favour of the property owners, if we acted collectively we could use MMP to leverage vast new parameters.


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