Christmas 2021 will be the most political ever

This Christmas will be an incredibly political one.

We will all universally canvas our experience of this year’s Christmas  and judge Jacinda’s Delta strategy according to that experience and because Christmas is such a uniquely fixed feature of our lives in NZ, that expression of experience will be emotionally supercharged like a cocain dealer on meth.

This Christmas we will face a cacophony of social wounds screaming for social media hierarchy as the Season of Good Will mutates into a political Season of Fuck, Marry, Kill.

For the double Vaxxed Aucklanders desperate to get out of 16 weeks of de facto house arrest, nothing short of a smooth ride to the batch will be a success.

For Maori setting up road blocks to stop those Aucklanders, every one through is a loss.

The unvaccinated who can’t travel will see a very Nazi Christmas.

The woke will see a ‘modern genocide’ that equates to the Squid Games.

For the Government, they pray to the little baby Jesus in the manger that their 90% vaccination strategy doesn’t overwhelm the hospital system.

Retailers close to financial collapse will only celebrate if a weary and Covid nervous consumer braves the malls.

Food shortages from panic buying will leave many hungry and mass Christmas events for the poor will be cancelled for fear of super spreader events.

If Christmas this year falls short of expectations, Jacinda will be blamed regardless.

Luckily Jacinda has the promise of the New Year and the fruits of her 90% vaccination harvest.

Until then expect the most challenging months of her Prime Ministership.

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