Chris Bishop is a dick for lying over pill testing & what the real issue with them is

Chris Bishop says sorry after Chlöe Swarbrick again accuses Opposition of ‘lies’ about drug testing

Chris Bishop has apologised for apparently getting his facts wrong about drug testing at music festivals after being called out on Twitter by Chlöe Swarbrick.

The National Party MP claimed on the social media platform that attendees at this year’s Rhythm & Alps (R&A) festival would be able to test their recreational drugs but not be able to test themselves for COVID-19.

But the Green Party MP pointed out that isn’t the case.

“At (R&A) this summer there will not, in fact, be drug checking services. National fought it every step of the way (and continued to spread falsity like this) and while I’m over the moon Labour Ministers finally signed off some funding, it came too little too late,” Swarbrick said.

Bishop replied: “Sorry. I thought there would be at R&A. My point is not about that specific festival but is about antigen testing more generally.”

Big Bish took a Twitter hot-take dump and got schooled by Chloe.


But the real issue with pill testing gets lost by Bishop’s bungling attempt to conflate a progressive harm minimisation approach to party drugs with his pet hobby horse of self testing for Covid.

National are so desperate that their supposedly liberal crusader will shit on good drug policy to make petty points against a pandemic that Labour’s handling of leaves National with little more than stone throwing as a childish response.

The real issue here is that middle class children named Apple and Bruschetta can party safely at their expensive summer festivals while working class stoners have their rights going backwards!

The obscene farce Labour have allowed with medicinal cannabis to become dominated by corporate pharmaceuticals and Billionaires is the antithesis of what we should be building and things are worse now than when Labour started!

Look, I’m pro pro pro pro pro Drugs! Seriously, if you know a guy who knows a guy, get in touch because ‘my guy’ can’t find jack shit!

I’m all for Apple and Bruschetta getting their kicks safely at their expensive middle class summer festivals but the long suffering working class stoners are getting sweet fuck all.

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