China is threatening NZ – we need to talk about that

Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand warns countries grouping into ‘exclusive circles’ could lead to ‘unmitigated disasters’

The Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand has warned against a “democracies versus autocracies” view of the world and that countries grouping up into “exclusive circles” could be a “dangerous slippery slope to unmitigated disasters”.

The problem in NZ is that we can’t debate China’s influence.

National is little more than a front for Chinese business interests and on the Left any criticism of China is labeled xenophobic.

Between these two points, a National Party paid for by China and a Left who claim any criticism of China is racist, China has managed to gain enormous power in NZ by economically owning us, having a huge diaspora living here and gaining access to bottling our water.

As the Cold War between China and America heats up, China is actively attempting to encroach into the South Pacific  by establishing ‘fishing’ ports and using a fishing militia to push other fishing boats off others fishing grounds.

To date NZ has managed to keep out of any direct confrontation with China because China  the National Party did everything in their decade of power to bend over backwards to China.

Key put all our cows in one Beijing paddock off the back of Helen’s free trade deal, and we’ve been trapped ever since.

The fact there was an alleged Chinese spy inside the National Party caucus highlights how compromised National had become.

With their investment in National wasted, soft power turns to hard force very quickly.

China could ‘poke out our eyes’ in 3 ways.

Economically – They could strangle off exports and hurt the economy.

Militarily – They could shoot down an American satellite launched by RocketLabs from a submarine off the East Coast.

Domestically – We know Chinese newspaper editors in NZ all take their editorial stance directly from the Chinese Government and calling for mass demonstrations against the Government for whatever perceived insult would cause enormous upheaval that could easily spill into something ugly.

NZ-Asians face the most overt racism in NZ, there is a huge tension beneath the mild surface of NZ society, and we aren’t prepared for if it ruptures from geopolitical tensions.

We must be a voice for peace and the champion for International co-operation and respect for the rule of law because conflict will create social reverberations we are not ready for. However, as a liberal progressive Democracy, we also have an obligation to speak out against China’s human rights abuses and if that costs us trade, then that is the price we pay to be a good global citizen.


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