Chloe asks a good housing question – let’s give her a radical solution

Using the Public Works Act, central Government should seize 90% of golf courses in Auckland and build a mix of…

Maori Party end year bewilderingly reopening door to National!?!?!?

What a way to end the year, and we all thought Judith was a self mutilation too far!

For the 10 billionth time Labour – how to counter China in the Pacific

Rugby diplomacy and promotion of Journalistic standards throughout the Pacific could counter China and promote NZs strategic interests.

Why the new poverty stats are way worse beyond the identity politics lens

By constantly blaming Maori we can’t see that this is a failure of neoliberalism that cascades across race.

Sitting Next To Cousin Simon

EVERY FAMILY HAS ONE. You must know the sort. One of the Baby Boom generation, who desperately wishes he wasn’t.…


“It’s been a mission getting to this point, but as long as our focus is on protecting our communities we…

Why arming Police as a response to rising gun violence is a really bad idea

I think that the are two reasons why arming Police as a response to rising gun violence is a really…

Why allowing Māori checkpoints helps avert a Summer civil war, why National are cheap liars & why backlash is worse than racist

Kelvin calls backlash against the Northland checkpoints racist, I think it’s worse than that! I think you are being a…

Is Luxon really the second coming? Why I’m not praying yet!

The mainstream media have breathlessly proclaimed Luxon as the second coming of the right wing messiah.

Dr Liz Gordon: Mine is bigger than yours

I listened to the first parliamentary question that Christopher Luxon asked of Jacinda Ardern today.