Political Caption Competition

Worst online sex party ever.

The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday – 1st November 2021

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

James & Jacinda promise to do something maybe about climate change in 9 years

This is meaningless garbage and as much a virtue signal as their empty climate emergency announcement.

Anti-Vaxx scum lash out, but karma will change their tune

We don’t have to punish these AntiVaxx lunatics, karma is about to do that for us.

Could China’s economic woe’s destroy NZ property prices?

All eyes are on Evergrande and the dozen other companies who are now teetering before Christmas.

90% double vaxxed has become a threat multiplier – PM requires more security

I hope that the SIS, GCSB, Police Intelligence Unit and the dozen other security apparatus acronyms you’ve never heard of…

Good Policy And Policy For Good: Public Investment Funds Are Going Net Zero – Mindful Money

Mindful Money welcomes the announcement today by the Government and the Crown Financial Institutions (CFIs) to reflect the goal of…

Aotearoa Justice Watch Launched To Monitor Prison And Police Authorities – Amnesty International

Several organisations have come together to create a platform for people who are experiencing issues in Aotearoa’s policing and prison…

Light Rail: Another Massive Cost Blowout Blunder – New Zealand First Party

“The government’s latest announcement about its plans for light rail in Auckland is, as New Zealand First said a year…

Job Growth Slows In September – Statistics New Zealand

Filled job numbers continued to rise in September 2021, although at a slower rate than recent months, rising 0.3 percent,…