Andrew Little – The Cyclops inside 5 Eyes

Four things stood out.

Wokeness killing Democrats – lesson for next year’s hate speech fight?

This backlash because of culture war is ripe for next years Hate Speech fiasco.

NZ Politics Daily – 8 November 2021

Today’s NZPD testimonial from Susan St John, CNZM, social economics commentator “NZ Politics Daily is an incredible resource for those of…

Labour’s conference – Winners & Losers

Labour’s anemic Conference limped home with the usual disappointment. When Covid overshadows what is even the point right?

Alt Right, antiVaxxer, racist, Qanon Farmers will sow malice in November protests

This could be an intensely harsh season of political anger with a blood blossom of violence.

COPOUT26: James Shaw took our cow to market & returns with some magic beans

I wanted to at least give James the courtesy of COP26 ending before I start shitting on it but if…

Malcolm Evans – Assange


The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday – 8th November 2021

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Government’s Family Income Tweaks Out Of Touch And Deeply Disappointing – Child Poverty Action Group

The Government’s family tax credit announcements today show little understanding of the plight of families and children in financial distress,…

Rising To The Challenge Of Creating Better Media Content For Asian New Zealanders – NZ On Air

NZ On Air is seeking support from media content creators and media platforms to better serve the needs of Asian…