TWITTER WATCH: So will Mike Hosking be voting Labour?

Ummmmmm - it's Christmas and NZ isn't in lockdown soooooooo is Mike Hosking voting Labour in 2023?

TWITTER WATCH: New extremist Political Party launches for Qanon lunatics and antivaxxers

A new NZ political Party was launched over the weekend in Twitter of all places.

Waatea News Column: Māori MP of the Year

For me, the Māori MP of the year has to be Nanaia Mahuta! She has revolutionized Foreign Affairs unlike any…

7.30pm Monday – End of Year Special – The Working Group with Dr Bryce Edwards & Gerry Brownlee

It’s our end of year special after a season of only 3 episodes! Our productivity screams funded by NZ on…

Sooooo more mental illness than white supremacy crackers? How will NZ msm cope without woke narrative?

We have a mental health issue in this country, we don’t need a Police State to hunt down white supremacists…

Waatea News Column: What Luxon means is more Oranga Tamariki

One of the interesting insights we’ve gleaned from new National leader Chris Luxon, is that he likes to double down…

MEDIAWATCH: The Spinoff go full woke on LOTR

Never go full woke.

Waatea News Column: What does Luxon as Leader mean for Māori Politically?

It’s important at the beginning of his leadership to clearly define what Luxon is not by way of direct comparison…

TDB Christmas Contribution Drive

All of us here at TDB wish you and your whanau a surreal Christmas.

Waatea News Column: What are we going to do with the unvaccinated?

One of the most painful aspects of this pandemic has been the two different realities our community has been split…