TWITTERWATCH: The cancellation of Dave Dobbyn by the Woke Twitterati & other dreary tales

The latest woke lynch mob cancellation is our very own Dave Dobbyn!

The fall into AntiVaxx cult madness of Liz Gunn is a cautionary tale to us all

I’m old enough to remember Liz Gunn and there was no doubt that in her day she was the mustard.…

Labour Day & modern unions are a hollow joke we must resuscitate for a post growth NZ capitalism

Universal Basic Income, 4 day working weeks, not for profit community wrap around service employment, Financial Transaction tax to shift…

MEDIAWATCH: NZ Herald review of the cancellation of Dave Chappelle

The irony of the Left attempting to deplatform a black comedian who has spent a career attacking white power structures…

The planet is burning & James Shaw is fiddling

I have zero confidence in James Shaw at COP26.