A deep and satisfying love affair

One of the more shameful aspects of our foreign policy is our two-tier approach to human rights abuses.

Covid Vs Humanity – it’s a slam dunk!

So we have another covid variant – Omicron – now circulating and we wait for news of its power to…

Jimmy O’Dea – Thank You

I’m proud to have known this man and to have stood alongside him on many frontlines. He lived a big…

Judith Collins – she brought out the worst in us

I asked someone today what they think when they hear the name Judith Collins. Nastiness was the answer and I…

Parliamentary motion on Palestine – PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!

We understand a parliamentary motion on Palestine will be moved in parliament in the next two days!

A welcome change of direction away from mandatory vaccinations

There is a welcome change of direction in the government announcement yesterday that Aucklanders will be able to leave the…

David Seymour (bless his heart) agrees with me on one thing at least!

It’s a mixed blessing to see ACT leader David Seymour agreeing with me but he is right to oppose mandatory…

Who will be Israel’s F W de Klerk?

The death of former South African President F W de Klerk marks the passing of an era.

The Liberal Agenda – 4pm today online event to mark the 40th anniversary of 1981 Springbok tour

Theme “Apartheid – wrong for South Africans, wrong for Palestinians”

Genuine, valid concerns at government policies masked by stereotypical reporting

It’s worrying, but probably inevitable, that yesterday’s protest at parliament should have ended as a fizzer. It was a mishmash…