7.30pm tonight: The Working Group – with Matthew Hooton, Matt McCarten & Damien Grant

Tthe Newest & Greatest weekly political podcast not funded by NZ on Air!

The Infamous Daily Blog Political Awards 2021

And you thought Squid Games was a glaring critique of late stage capitalism in an age of pandemic shut in…

A deep and satisfying love affair

One of the more shameful aspects of our foreign policy is our two-tier approach to human rights abuses.

TDB Christmas Contribution Drive

All of us here at TDB wish you and your whanau a surreal Christmas.

The Working Group – the Newest & Greatest weekly political podcast not funded by NZ on Air with Matthew Hooton, Matt McCarten & Damien Grant

This week libertarian liquidator and Ctullah of capitalism, Damien Grant, Moral Shepard of the Right, Matthew Hooton and Former Labour…

A necessary & important NZ Police smack down

High Court rules against police in unprecedented proceeds-of-crime case The High Court has ruled against the police who are trying…

What the GCSB are really saying

The legal fig leaf for this mass vetting of Chinese nationals is the pretense that information sourced from Australia, Britain,…

Dr Liz Gordon: Our road to mediocrity

If Christopher Luxon views people who do not scale the heights of running Air New Zealand as being swathed in…

GUEST BLOG: Ian Powell – The truth behind the Government’s delta reversal in New Zealand

Do I feel joy in this vindication of my analysis published by BusinessDesk? Absolutely not! Am I disappointed by the…

Onward Luxon’s Soldiers

(Sung to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers)