Can we tell the Australians that they are spelling Labor wrong yet? What does election mean for NZ?

Scotty Morrison lost because he was such an arsehole EVEN AUSTRALIANS couldn’t stand him – when a former prison colony gets sick of your authoritarianism while being burnt off the face of a climate crisis planet, you tie your kangaroo down sport.

The convoluted and insane voting system of Australia allows for back door dealings with vast vested interests and when those interests are so entrenched within mining they are always self-interested, that’s why real climate change has been impossible within the Australian system.

This has allowed conservative rural Australian cultural values to endlessly hold the balance of power alongside big mining interests.

For the Liberals to lose in a compulsory transferable vote preferential system influenced by Mining Interests suggest sa level of anger at the system that has toppled it over.

So why were Australians so angry?

The climate.

The IPCC points out Australia is the 1st world country that will be hit by the climate crisis hardest, over the last 4 years they have faced fire and drought at extremes previously not witnessed. There are only so many victims who won’t shake ScoMos hand or a firefighter screaming at him or a burning Koala and him holding a lump of coal before you want to  smash the system.

And smash the system they did, the unprecedented win by Teal Independents in Liberal seats forever resets the political landscape in Australia.

What does a change of Government mean for us in NZ? ScoMo wanted too expand the 501 policy 5 fold, where as Labor Dion’t want to do that, BUT they do want to start charging 501s who are renditioned to Pacific Torture Camps a daily fee for being there – I know, so fucking outrageous right – so in the short term, if they implement that cruelty

Geo-politically Australia will continue to be America’s Sheriff in the Pacific while China will aggressively test the new regime by building a new military base in the Solomon Islands in near record time.

The challenge for Labor will be the adoption of an economy less reliant on mining for climate change purposes right at a point when the global economy melts down.

Because of Australia’s vast mineral wealth, the ‘lucky country’ hasn’t experienced a recession for over 30 years, so how will Australia fair fare when their luck runs out?

We saw a level of violence and darkness from the lockdowns that hints at a feral Australia who will only descend further as the economic pain really starts.

I see vast swathes of furious white men hateful of being robbed of their political power by Teal women and things getting very unpleasant very quickly as a the economy turns.

How far can a fallen Australia implode into before it becomes the event horizon of far right extremism?
There won’t be any prawns left to throw on the barbie once the global depression hits.


A dingo eating a great white sharks head while 2 snakes fuck – the most Australian photo ever

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