Call for civil disobedience to oppose the vaccine mandates – Social Credit

Social Credit calls on employers and the public to exercise civil disobedience to oppose vaccine mandates by ignoring them, not implementing Covid registers, and not sacking unvaccinated employees.

Mahatma Ghandi used non-violent civil disobedience to oppose oppressive actions of the British government in India.

The time has come for New Zealanders to do the same to oppose the oppressive actions of our government.

It is now blatantly telling porkies by declaring that Covid-19 is a disease of the unvaccinated – something which international evidence shows is clearly untrue. 

Its messaging has turned to bullying and creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust – a far cry from the “politics of kindness’ the Prime Minister likes to surround herself with.

Both Labour and National are supporting mandated vaccines and vaccine passports yet their own experts agree that vaccination won’t stop people getting Covid-19 nor will it stop them spreading the virus.

 That fact has been confirmed by the Prime Minister, the Director General of Health, and by international evidence.

If, as we’re being told, vaccination works, there is no greater risk of being associated with a person who is unvaccinated, than one who is.

There is no justification for locking people out of society and denying them the ability to work.

Thousands of people will lose their jobs, including doctors, nurses, midwives, truck drivers, construction workers, paramedics, and more, delivering a massive blow to society.

While vaccination may be preferable, mandating it cannot be justified.

It is an assault on human rights and liberties that is completely over the top, out of all proportion to the risk.

With fears about our hospitals being swamped with Covid cases, it defies common sense that early treatment is not undertaken with proven medications that substantially lessen hospitalisation.

International evidence shows that early treatment and a home testing regime works.


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