By capitulating to Māori Capitalism, James Shaw proves why he should be rolled

Oh. My. God.

Could James Shaw’s luck get any worse than this?

Government douses its proposal to limit exotic forests

A Government proposal to limit permanent exotic forests has been left to rot, according to a letter from the Climate Change Minister.

Earlier this year, the Government proposed that exotic trees in permanent forests would not be eligible to earn and sell carbon units.

Rural communities and the Climate Change Commission are key opponents of exotic planting. But because planting pine could be hugely profitable, foresters and landowners – including Māori leaders – vehemently opposed the suggestion.

A letter from Climate Change Minister James Shaw indicates the latter group has been, at least partially, successful. From next year, owners of permanent exotic forest are likely to be able to sell the carbon absorbed by their trees under the Emissions Trading Scheme (or ETS).

Right when his leadership and incrementalism is being challenged, here he is capitulating to Māori Capitalism to allow them off the hook by growing a weed like pine everywhere hilariously damaging the very environment those very same Māori interests claim such a spiritual connection to.

We should have bought these interests out and forced through the changes because you can’t allow Pine to spread all over the country like a virus in an attempt to find a solution to the climate crisis.

I’m all for growing trees, I totally support any process where Trees are being planted, but there has to be a lions share mix of domestic tress in that planting because Pine causes vast problems.

For a Political Party that is now little more than a vehicle for middle class identity politics, celebrating Māori identity trumps Gaia because ultimately the Greens see Capitalism that factors in the price of pollution as the market solution.

By capitulating to Māori Capitalism, James Shaw proves why he should be rolled .


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