BREAKING: TVNZ Poll- National beats Labour

For the first time National has beaten Labour in a major poll.




ACT: 8%

Maori Party: 2%

This is a shockwave of a Poll.

As TDB pointed out at the time, over 50% of those protesting on Parliament’s lawns voted Green/Labour and came from the rural and provincial electorates.

Labour of course has lost that vote.

Labour’s inability to do anything meaningful on the Cost of Living Crisis is driving those who voted for Labour in the hope of transformative change  straight into the arms of National.

I think the manner in which very identifiable Labour and Green proxies on social media called everyone protesting ‘Nazis’ probably didn’t help.

The Woke’s  alienating devotion to attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with them is also a problem.

It’s hard pretending to care about poor brown people while screaming NAZI at them.

The real danger for Labour now is that they can’t win without the Maori Party and with the current level of criticism aimed at everything co-governance, the ease with which ACT and National can paint a Labour/Green/ Maori Party Government almost makes the election unwinnable for the Left now.

The political Left spent too much time on low hanging identity politic virtue signals and not enough time on making people’s lives easier to live.

We could have done more to feed the kids, make public transport free, welfare, housing and supermarket duopolies, but we decided to do a whole lot of woke bullshit instead.

As economic anxiety builds for the working classes in NZ, look at the NZ political left’s response.

  • Gerrymandering the Sexual assault laws so that any man accused of rape is convicted.
  • Climate change emergency declaration that doesn’t do anything.
  • Strangling off free speech with a blasphemy law and criminalizing the misuse of pronouns.
  • Ending Gay Conversion therapy that proponents can’t quantify.
  • Critical Racism theory in 0range Tamariki.

For the 200000 children in poverty, 25000 on emergency housing wait lists and generations locked out of home ownership, the NZ Left’s response is woke wankery.

Rather than focus on jobs, houses and poverty (because they are hard) we get middle class virtue signals.

The Right can’t believe their luck.

You know things are bad when Chris Luxon who owns 7 properties can make Jacinda look out of touch when it comes to a cost of living crisis.


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