BREAKING: New Roy Morgan Poll – Luxon crashes National & Māori Party are the King/Queen Maker

As TDB has been pointing out, the Māori Party are the King/Queen Maker and the latest Roy Morgan Poll backs this up

National – 35% (down 4)

ACT – 11% (up 1)

Labour – 34% (up .5)

Greens – 10.5% (up .5)

Māori Party – 4% (up.1.5)

…as TDB argued, Luxon has hit his glass ceiling and National crashes 4 points while ACT and the Māori Party are at their highest ever levels.

Despite never ending negative mainstream media coverage of the Health crisis and attacks on the Government, Labour went up.

Seymour is a far better politician than Luxon and he is finally reaping that harvest while Māori are watching the Right denigrate them over co-governance and are alarmed at the rising ocean of feral anti-Māori sentiment so are tactically voting to see Labour returned with an even stronger mandate for Māori.

Kiwis are egalitarian at heart. Key knew this and so always dressed down, but Luxon believes in prosperity religion so dimming his wealth would be a slight against Jesus. Luxon appealed to people’s pain in the cost of living crisis and then once he had manipulated that pain, flew to a holiday in Hawaii while his social media pretended he was in Te Puke.

Kiwi’s don’t like having their economic pain manipulated by a person who isn’t impacted by that economic pain while he suns himself in Hawaii.

Kiwi’s might be hurting economically but they aren’t stupid!

As TDB has been pointing out since the beginning off the year, 2023 will be fought on who the country fear’s most, a National/ACT Government or a Labour/Green/Māori Party Government.

Any sense of triumphalism the Right may have had seems terribly misplaced.

How much of this poor people shit do I need to name and eat and how much of these clothes from the Warehouse do I need to wear before the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind warm to me?

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