Bottom Feeders and Rivers of Filth

National Party leader Christopher Luxon: “We don’t just do bottom feeding and just focus on the bottom,” he said. Instead, “we focus on people who want to be positive and ambitious, aspirational and confident”.

Deputy Leader of the House and Minister of Transport Michael Wood: There is a “river of filth” behind the violent behaviour seen at the Parliament protest…. 

“Bottom feeders” and “rivers of filth” are dog-whistle attacks on some of the most vulnerable New Zealanders from people in positions of power and privilege. They are not far from incitement to hatred.

Christopher Luxon should know beneficiaries pay a higher proportion of their income in tax (GST and income tax together) than he does. They are carrying him.

And Michael Wood should accept that people have the right to hold unpopular views and unpopular opinions without being tossed into his “river of filth”. It’s called democracy. Respect it.

 Both comments are unacceptable and unforgiveable. Neither is fit to represent the country.

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