BOOM: Leo Molloy neck and neck with Efeso Collins in Auckland Mayoralty shockwave poll


Leo Molloy, the candidate written off by everyone as a joke, is now neck and neck with Efeso Collins

The Ratepayers’ Alliance-Curia mayoral poll has Labour councillor Efeso Collins and restaurateur Leo Molloy each on 21.7 per cent, Heart of the City chief executive Viv Beck on 20.5 per cent and businessman Wayne Brown on 20.1 per cent.

Freelance media operator Craig Lord, who came third in the 2019 mayoral race, was four points behind the leading pack on 16 per cent.

…there is no way Molloy should be the lead contender alongside the Labour and Green backed Efeso Collins unless Molloy has captured a deep seated resentment against AT, Auckland City Council and Labour.

The fact he is now the lead contender shows Molloy HAS captured that zeitgeist and could very well win!

The woke frame Molloy as Trump so watch for the predictable Twitter outrage and shockwave of this Poll to roll over them. Expect panicked columns in the NZ section of the Guardian citing his rise as evidence of MAGA populism corroding Saint Jacinda.

This will be the most counter-productive response as the cultural backlash against wokeness will gain Molloy votes, not cost him.

The race is insanely tight, but Molloy shouldn’t be neck and neck with the lead Left candidate, the fact he is tells us Labour and the Greens are in trouble politically in Auckland and that there is a resentment populism that is ripe for political representation.

Molloy isn’t a joke, he’s a serious contender and the Left are going to have to change tactics urgently if they want Efeso to win.

Wayne Brown is doing what Bloomberg did in the Democratic Nominations for President and use his vast, vast, vast wealth to buy himself name recognition and place himself as a candidate with no actual team on the ground while Viv Beck keeps channeling all the blue female vote that won’t vote for Molloy.

This is a shockwave of a Poll and forces everyone to dump their presumptions. Molloy has been running an insanely powerful social media campaign that towers over all the other candidates combined.

This is a real race and EVERY vote is going to count.

Game on Auckland.

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