Boom – And Richard Hills is out – the Auckland Mayoralty meltdown continues

TDB called Richard Hills a candidate with a glass jaw.

TDB called the establishment Left’s desire to back him over Efeso Collins as the worst factional clusterfuck since Trump Qanon infiltrated the Republicans.

And now, before the first punch is even thrown, the gals jawed Richard Hills crumples and folds.

The Auckland establishment Left are in disarray.

Their spiteful malice towards Efeso is now at fever pitch and they would prefer to listen to Mike Hosking than publicly support Efeso.

The establishment Auckland Left prefer to control the losing team than lose control of the winning team.

Phil Goff is now being begged to stay and they are desperately trying to get David Shearer back in play. He pulled out because he heard Paula Bennett was running.

She’s not, so they are trying to coax him back.

Their pride has formed into an ‘Anyone But Efeso’ mindset as they scramble to get a candidate.

The Labour leadership asked Hills to run and he’s fallen over before the fight starts. There needs to be a serious internal debate on how their dislike of Efeso has become so personal.


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