Blue on Blue: Judith finally attacks David Seymour

Finally Judith…

National leader Judith Collins accuses ACT’s David Seymour of ‘complete flip-flop’ on COVID-19 vaccine mandates

ACT leader David Seymour has proposed regular testing as an alternative to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which National’s Judith Collins has described as “a complete flip-flop”. 

Collins didn’t seem too impressed.

“Well, number one he’s changed his mind because he was all for mandating, so that’s a complete flip-flop,” she told Magic Talk on Monday.

“When it comes to things like schools and border-facing workers and health workers, we believe that is important that it be mandated and it’s simply not going to be good enough for the rest of the public if they’re unsure about accessing schools, for instance; that is going to be a problem if we have to say we’ll test them all today. 

“We don’t like mandates but we understand we need to have them at this stage and obviously once we get more people vaccinated and we finally get rapid antigen testing into the country, which is still effectively banned here, that would open up some options. 

“But at the moment, now is not the time to be coming out saying, ‘Let’s get rid of mandates in schools.’”

…the polling is brutal, 74% support mandatory vaccinations while only 20% don’t.

ACT are playing to the antiVaxx vote by offering then this political cover but Judith has to actually beat David up on the center line here and pull the protest vote part of ACT back to National.

Let ACT take these antiVaxxers, they are radioactive and toxic, once they join, actual right wingers will run a mile back to National.

National has to beat up on ACT before they have any hope of fighting Labour.

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