Bad luck Grant – The PSA & CTU need a new scam

The Unemployment Insurance, a scam sop constructed by the CTU for the PSA to gain the PSAs support for Fair Pay Agreements, a new universal unionism that would radically undermine the influence of the PSA, is the new $750million Bike Bridge, and it’s falling to pieces just as fast…

‘Little, if any evidence’ income insurance schemes improve job-market outcomes

Academic studies do not appear to support the claim that income insurance schemes help the newly unemployed land better jobs, a labour economist says.

Dean Hyslop, a senior fellow at Wellington research institute Motu, said research also suggested people who had access to such schemes took longer to rejoin the workforce after being made unemployed.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson set out detailed plans for an ACC-style Income Insurance Scheme on Wednesday that would pay workers who lost their jobs due to lay-offs or health conditions 80 per cent of their pay for six months, on top of a minimum four-week period paid for by employers.

The insurance scheme’s expected $3.5 billion annual cost would be funded by a 2.77 per cent pay levy, split between workers and employers.

…$3.5billion to ensure the Wellington Bureaucratic Class get to tag a 6month taxpayer holiday onto their long list of gold plated perks just to get a Universal Unionism across the line?

Isn’t that an outrageous scam?

Unemployment Insurance doesn’t help workers on the ground floor, this is for the elites!

Hilariously Michelle Duff demands ‘where were the women’when constructing this. Oh ‘Chelle, the women in the Union’s were there, they cooked this up and as Eric Crampton points out, pregnant Woman in the Wellington Bureaucratic Class get to use this most for their pregnancy’s.

This is obscene middle class welfare for the Wellington Bureaucratic Class, it’s a political sop to the PSA to get the Fair Pay Agreement passed.

It’s the exact same middle class interests that pushed for that $750million Bike Bridge, as more and more attention comes on this jaw dropping level of self interest that creates a two tiered welfare system, the poor who are getting screwed over will get angrier and angrier.

The bad faith Grant Robertson is pushing here is extraordinary. He argues that most people can’t access welfare when they become unemployed.

That’s true, and it’s true because WINZ are spiteful pieces of shit who make the unemployed crawl over broken glass with enormous stand downs and a pittance at the end. To avoid the poor widdle Wellington Bureaucratic Class having to go through the trauma of visiting a WINZ Office, we are going to give them a 6month taxpayer holiday they can easily manipulate for their benefit.

If only Labour cared about the actual poor the way they care about the Wellington Bureaucratic Class.

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