Auckland Mayoralty Race: I don’t think Wayne Brown has any clue how to fight Leo Molloy

Ummmm, woke outrage ain’t going to work against Leo Molloy…

Rival Wayne Brown calls on Leo Molloy to stand aside from Auckland mayoral race over TV appearance

Auckland mayoral candidate Wayne Brown says rival Leo Molloy’s “bizarre antics, short-temper and foul-mouthed rants” during an appearance on a satirical television programme mean he must withdraw from the race.

Molloy hit out at people he deemed “woke” and claimed Auckland had been hampered by a succession of “soft-****” mayors during his interview on TV3’s New Zealand Today, a comedy current affairs show hosted by Guy Williams.

Brown today claimed Molloy’s antics had “eliminated any thought he was capable of being mayor”.

Molloy laughed off Brown’s call, describing his rival as “a dead man walking” and said it was Brown who should hold up a “white flag” and surrender from the race.

…the interview with Leo is hilarious and should in of itself rule him out as Mayor, but that is the super power of Molloy and his support, any other candidate it would have been a train wreck career ending interview, but for Leo it only empowers him.

Pearl clutching shock and demanding Leo resigns just looks like Wayne has no sense of humour.

There is a reactionary resentment vote in Auckland who view the ‘progress’ as gridlock and the Left’s inability to present a vision to counter that has allowed a huge populist reactionary momentum that isn’t Left or Right to build.

It’s like Wayne has hired a bunch of second rate podcasters from The Spinoff and is surprised it isn’t working. Wayne’s vote in the most recent poll has collapsed and despite all his money he has lost any momentum, complaining about Leo beating Guy Williams up and demanding he quit the race is as weak as it gets.

The last thing we need is to turn this Mayoralty Race into a culture war because the Auckland Left won’t win that fight.

Labour and National should be very worried, if they both lose Auckland to a reactionary populist, it asks hard questions of the election in 2023.

All Wayne has done is ensure people watch the interview.

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