Assange ruling a crushing blow to democracy and journalism

UK court permits Julian Assange extradition to US on spying charges

A British appellate court opened the door on Friday for Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States by overturning a lower court ruling that found the WikiLeaks founder’s mental health was too fragile to withstand the American criminal justice system.

The High Court in London ruled that US assurances were enough to guarantee Assange would be treated humanely and directed a lower court judge to send the extradition request to the home secretary for review. The home secretary, who oversees law enforcement in the UK, will make the final decision on whether to extradite Assange.

However, the appellate court ruling handed down Friday is likely to be appealed.

Most NZ Media rooms are now slavish cowards to the woke social media lynch mob, and the Woke’s denigration of Assange as a rapist means any coverage in NZ must be deplatformed and never spoken of.

Incredibly Nicky Hager’s astounding witness evidence given in the show trail against Assange was utterly ignored by the NZ media.

New Zealand’s most famous Investigative Journalist gives witness evidence in the journalism trial of the century and all you hear are crickets in NZ?

It’s astounding watching it up close because normally Hager’s work is championed by the Woke, it’s fascinating seeing him deplatformed by NZ mainstream media’s self censorship for fear of triggering a woke lynch mob.

This type of cowardly journalism’s irony is poignant because of course Assange is one of the most important voices in real journalism.

Without his work the war crimes, the murders, the abuses of power that damage all the people those Woke claim to care about would never have seen the light of day.

This stopped being about Justice a long time ago.

What a bitter day for democracy and journalism!


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