As predicted by TDB – Jacinda wins huge in Australia on citizenship & 501s

As predicted by TDB – Jacinda has gad huge wins in Australia over citizenship & 501s…

Jacinda Ardern in Australia: Albanese on 501s – Countries to show ‘common sense’ and work ‘as friends’

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced a major shift on the contentious “501” deportations policy towards New Zealanders and vowed to work on pathways to citizenship and grant voting rights to residents.

…allowing citizenship rights from 2023 will do more to harvest votes for Labour on both sides of the Tasman while the major 501 announcement (as foreshadowed by TDB) is an enormous win for NZ as it will take into account the length of time a 501 has spent in Australia before being deported.

Currently we have case after case of 501s deported here who have lived their entire adult lives in Australia, once could suggest that if a citizen turns criminal after being brought up in Australia, that’;s Kida on them, not us.

Thankfully our criticisms of this have been heard and a major change will occur.

This is the most important news in our gang war because it is these disconnected 501s bringing a level of professional criminal violence who are stoking the gang war that is the problem for us.

501s who have actual family and community here have the potential to turn from crime, but vast numbers of professional criminals with zero family or community connection here are just walking time bombs.

Jacinda has managed a citizenship and clamp down on 501s that National never managed to gain.

Her world wide tour of diplomacy has been an enormous success, we should be proud of our Prime Minister and all the influence she has gained for NZ.

It doesn’t matter how you voted or your current political persuasion, the PM has made bold strides on the International stage that are good for NZ. If you are still hating on her despite her success, you may be a tribal right wing Troll who probably needs to get out a bit more.


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