Aotearoa New Zealand getting smaller by the day

New Zealand got that little bit smaller yesterday with the jury decision to acquit the father and son who brutally assaulted a teenage boy and cut off the end of his finger after he tried to steal a car from their dairy farm in Piopio.

He had previously stolen other cars from the farmer.

Our social cohesion is fragmenting slowly as increases in inequality are hard baked into our economic settings and none of our main political parties has any intention of changing this.

When people are othered by society and alienated by structures outside their ability to control of even understand the inevitable happens and many adopt criminal behaviour.

The father and son farmers weren’t big enough to respect the teenager and keep their hands to themselves. They attacked him viciously. And because the propertied middle class blame the victims of economic and social policy, this is reflected in the jury decision.

It’s an awful decision – so wrong at every level. It confirms we are a little people – getting smaller by the day.

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