Anti-Vaxx scum lash out, but karma will change their tune

There is a an enormous difference between making a conscious decision to not get vaccinated and then going out to protest…

Protesters slowing traffic on Auckland’s Dominion Rd

People protesting against recent vaccine mandates slowed traffic on Auckland’s Dominion Rd to a crawl this afternoon.

The protesters drove up and down tooting their horns, with many vehicles bearing slogans including “Hold the line” and “Coercion is not consent”.


Auckland vaccination centre hit by vandals

An Auckland medical clinic offering the Covid-19 vaccine and testing continued its Sunday vaccination service after being vandalised overnight.

The general manager of the Pasefika Family Health clinic in Panmure, Galumalemana Togiai Vaifagaloa Naseri, says their front door was smashed with a large rock, the Covid-19 notices pulled off and scattered on the ground.

She says they have made a police report, but it wasn’t what they wanted patients to see.

“We still have people lined up for vaccinations so staff will continue with the work.”

…and break the law…

5000 march in Auckland anti-lockdown protest

Some 5000 people have marched in an anti-lockdown protest through Tāmaki today; the third such protest since the country went into lockdown almost two and a half months ago, on August 17th.

The group descended through Newmarket’s Khyber Pass and onto the Auckland Domain carrying signs that questioned the government’s vaccination programme and the broader lockdown strategy.

“Question the injection” one read, another with “I am not a science experiment” was carried by three men.

Defending your decision is one thing, convincing others to also endanger themselves, causing possible spread and attacking vaccine centers is completely another. One simply makes you an AntiVaxxer, the other makes you AntiVaxx scum!

I know us Double Vaxxed want to hit back at these fanatics but I don’t think we have to, something far more dangerous is chasing our unvaccinated friends – The Vid!

The thing this virus does best is cut through unvaccinated populations like a hot knife through butter. Wait for the tsunami of these stories…

Infected anti-vaxxer regrets not getting vaccinated

A former anti-vaxxer who tested positive for Covid-19, and whose partner also caught the virus and ended up in hospital, says he regrets not getting vaccinated.

Describing his experience with the virus, John Koutsimanis said: “It was pain, and feeling hot and cold and then more pain, and then thinking you are sweating it out but it just doesn’t go away.”

…we don’t need to extract revenge from these AntiVaxx scumbags, Covid is coming for them.

All these AntiVaxxers will have in a months time is sickness, hospitalizations and regret.

The double vaxxed will have schadenfreude.

We don’t have to punish these AntiVaxx lunatics, karma is about to do that for us.


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