Anti-vaxx death schadenfreude

As the rest of us scramble for a booster shot to avoid Omicron, the list of AntiVaxx lunatics who deny the virus only to die from it grows every day…

California prosecutor who campaigned against vaccine mandates dies of Covid

Kickboxing champion Frederic Sinistra dead at 41: Anti-vaccination stance

Anti-vaxxer bishop dies of Covid-19

Anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies at 64 after contracting Covid

Popular journalist and staunch anti-vaxxer dies of Covid-19

…There is a point is there not that after all the attempts to get people vaccinated and all the messaging and promotion – after that, if you still don’t get vaccinated and then you catch it and die, that’s not really on us anymore.

If you are too stupid or pig headed to get the vaccination, your death is on you and we shouldn’t have to waste ICU space on you.

I will defend your right not to get the vaccine while protecting my right to laugh at you when you die.

We are tolerating these AntiVaxx lunatics because this is a liberal progressive democracy and you have the right to refuse medicines but having to put up with their inane protests and then the
M having the audacity of dying from a virus they don’t believe in is just becoming a tad boring now.

Hurry the fuck up and get vaccinated you clowns, Omi is coming.


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