And then came Omicron

Sooooooo despite the death cult capitalists screaming she wouldn’t kill for the economy and the Maori Party claiming a ‘genocide’ & the Qanon lunatics, ZB troll farm & woke public health wonks all screaming no – Jacinda’s 90% target saved us from Delta.

But then came omicron.

How ironic for a DJ to ruin New Years!

Jacinda had her political reputation resting on something as tragically petty as a good old fashioned Kiwi Christmas Experience as payment to Auckland for accepting a de facto house arrest for 4 months, she’s rewarded us with that while stamping out Delta, but here comes Omicron.

There are lots of questions about this.

A day 9 test after landing on the 17th of December would have returned a result on the 25th but he didn’t get the results until the 27th so there will be questions about staff being on holiday which were raised by Ian Taylor going into the Christmas break and the possibility of the DJ contracting it after his 7 days in MIQ can’t be ruled out yet.

If his time in Auckland for 2 days becomes a super spreader event, we won’t see that until the first and second week of January.

In terms of the new variant itself, while symptoms in the double vaxxed seem milder, children and the elderly are still open questions. At 70% more contagious than Delta, Omicron could easily overwhelm our hospitals but we do have hope our high double vaxxed rate will help dampen it down.

Jacinda promised to protect us from Delta and give us Christmas, Omicron over Summer however is a whole different issue.

The antivaxx lunatics will radicalize over this and the tourism and hospitality industry will go berserk.

Enjoy your New Years because 2022 looks just as amputated.

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