Aloha Luxon sells the crack of the whip by promising welfare privatization more extreme than ACT

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.

Herman Melville

TDB has been warning since Luxon became leader that he was planning to privatise welfare.

He was already singing Bill English’s Social Investment model which spawned Oranga Tamariki when he became leader, he then went to a UK Right Wing Think Tank who specialise in privatising social services to gave a speech and now right when NZ has one of the lowest unemployment rates ever, Luxon targets the weakest group to bully and just puts the boot in.

He is selling the crack of the whip by constantly repeating the use of sanctions to cut welfare.

He’s whining up resentment of young people on welfare despite not being aware the numbers he’s attacking include ill, sick and disabled youth.

He’s threatening welfare sanctions on the disabled, the ill and the sick.

That’s the kind of needless spite masquerading as tough love that get National Party supporters sexually aroused.

They love this shit. The more punitive, the better.

It doesn’t matter if it’s counter productive, in fact the MORE counter productive, the more excited National Party voters get.

Remember the State House Meth scam?

National used false science to breach Housing NZs own regulations to throw State Tenants out on the street. In the middle of a housing crisis, National created a homelessness crisis by throwing hundreds of State Tenants onto the streets for false Meth harm contamination readings.

No one got sacked, no one was punished, fuck it, Paula Bennett who was the Minister responsible gets to play charades on fucking TVNZ now!

For National supporters, when it comes to social policy, all that matters is that someone they hate suffers, regardless of the cost and regardless of the counter productivity of it all.

We-make-people-we-hate-suffer-no-matter-the-cost is actually right wing dogma.

Here’s how it works.

National will take $50million from MSD, give it to 3rd party contractors who will get a bonus by removing people off the list.

The 2 ways those young people get off the list is if they get a job OR they are sanctioned off the list.

You can all see the game being played here.

Taxpayer money to 3rd party contractors who get paid when they find them a job or they are cut off welfare.

National want to drive sick people back to work, that’s how this country will lead into the future???

This sort of bullshit shouldn’t be allowed to fly when there is so much academic research that this draconian welfare approach doesn’t work!

Pretending that bashing young people on welfare is the solution to rebuilding from covid or is a way to combat poverty or inequality or the housing crisis is just such inane bullshit!

Using the excitement of the crack of the whip to smuggle through a vast privatisation of welfare agenda is going to spook the centre all the way back to Jacinda.

National trying to out ACT ACT on welfare privatisation is just too extreme for the electorate.

I think this is a terrible strategic blunder for National, they aren’t seeing how this is a demographic battle they can’t win while giving all those young people a reason to vote against National in 2023.

This was a dumb move by Luxon.

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