ALERT: Global community counters COP – sCOPe

Ex-smokers from around the world who’ve successfully quit cigarettes thanks to harm reduced alternatives, such as nicotine vaping, are celebrating their victory over smoking on an international livestream.

sCOPe, the round-the-clock broadcast, is giving vapers and those who have conquered combustion and its harms, a platform for celebration.

World leading Tobacco Harm Reduction experts and consumer advocates are sharing their evidence, stories and success during this week’s COP9 tobacco control conference hosted by the World Health Organization.

sCOPe is encouraging COP9 delegates from 182 member countries to back millions of ex-smokers worldwide who’ve switched to safer nicotine products.

sCOPe is simulcast on YouTube at and on Facebook from Monday, 8 November until midnight (Hong Kong Time) on Friday, 12 November.

Wednesday’s schedule (HKT):

2.00am – ProVapeo Dr Roberto Sussman Presentation (Spanish/English)

5.00am – ARDT Ibero Latin American Regional Discussion (Spanish)

7.00am – COREISS Yolande Jeffares Presentation (English)

10.00am – SOL/Smokefree Radio Discussion (US) (English)

12.00pm – CAPHRA Can a Tobacco Product be Safer – Short Film (English)

12.30pm – CAPHRA Panel Discussion – Marewa Glover, PhD Expert (English)

3.00pm – NCUP Nicotine Consumer Union Philippines Discussion (Filipino)

4.00pm – ECST ENDS Cigarette Smoking Thailand Discussion (Thai)

6.00pm – Vapers PH Philippines Discussion (Filipino)

sCOPe organiser, Nancy Loucas:

We’ve attracted some of the biggest names in Tobacco Harm Reduction to present at sCOPe. Everyone who has successfully kicked deadly cigarettes, via the likes of vaping, is so passionate. It’s an exciting week of scientific evidence and personal anecdotes as to what actually works,” she says.

Asa Saligupta, Director of ECST (ENDs Cigarette Smoke Thailand) and sCOPe panellist:

“I look at my health. I came back from quitting smoking and turned to vaping. I look at my friends especially my sons… they quit smoking by vaping… Without Tobacco Harm Reduction, that would not be possible. They have thrived,” he says.