Afterpay for alcohol??? Why Chloe Swarbrick is right about smashing Booze Barons

Oh. My. God.

How fucking outrageous is this in its jaw dropping audacity…

Afterpay can now be used at Auckland bottle store, sparking backlash

Drink now and pay later – the delayed payment scheme that’s proved a hit for retailers is now in bottle stores and alcohol watchdogs aren’t impressed.

Critics have said the addition of an Afterpay option will increase alcohol availability to the most vulnerable. 

..Fuck right off!

Come on.


(Pause to suppress rage to formulate calm response)



I’m not much of a drinker. It’s never been my poison of choice.

Sure, I’ll have a drink. But I can sit on a beer for an entire night.

I get you all love booze and for the vast majority of us, it’s not a problem right?

For most of us, booze is pleasant and fun and a great way to relax at the end of a long day.

And let’s be honest, sweet Jesus, the last couple of years has seen that stress become an ongoing ordeal.

We can all recognise that as adults.

But while accepting that, we must also acknowledge that for some, alcohol is a dangerous drug they simply can not control to the point of 100% sobriety. There are some functioning alcoholics in our community who only function because they run out of money to buy booze  each week. Allowing those people to buy booze on tick to the fucking Afterpay pimps is so unbelievably ugly and the kind of commerce that would make your average South American Drug Cartel blush in shame.

Come on.

If the booze industry thinks allowing stressed out people to buy booze on tick is acceptable, you than appreciate the dire need for Chloe’s Bill against them.

This is an abomination of the Free Market, this is as immoral as it gets. This is a dealer/addict relationship that we are all allowing to happen in full sight.

To allow an addictive substance to operate drug rules of commerce and call that good social policy is about as ruthless as it gets.

This obscenity shows how much power those bloody booze barons have and the reason why they need the full jack boot of the state on their throat.

This is what I’ve come to understand as an Alt-Left Marxist Anarchist, the State’s Jackboot is endless and all powerful but too often we have it trained at the throats of the common citizen. We need to use the Neo-Gramscian Counter-Hegemonic method of turning the State’s Jackboot on the Corporations, the 1%, the banks and the speculators to fund the environmental, social and Degrowth economic infrastructure required for radical climate change adaptation.

In short, the Booze Barons should have the full Jackboot of the State on their throats 24/7!

Slash their advertising, get them out of supermarkets, immediately curtail their bottleshops, make them donate to Alcoholics Anonymous and just because they need to know who is in charge, extract a vice tax that comes off the top of their profit margin to help pay for the true damage their product causes.

All strength to Chloe’s arm!

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