After four years of Labour-led governments we have stories like this in the tens of thousands!

I’m sure you have heard many, many stories of woe, and I wouldn’t want to pile on what you already have or know, but, I guess maybe the more stories, real people stories the better, so I will give you some of my prospective remembering. This is the shorter ended version, and I don’t need you to fix it, but words have power as they say. That being said this is what I have seen.

I was given notice the day my husband died of cancer, in fact ten minutes after he passed. I stayed with a friend until it was no longer viable. 

I was given a hotel room the same day I asked WINZ for help (fantastic)

The hotel owner via his own admissions was a meth addict and so were some of the tenants. As a result of having to deal with his coming into my room in the middle of the night, his yelling and straight abuse, I had a nervous breakdown and ended up in hospital after a suicide attempt. 

The social worker in hospital and myself laid a complaint to WINZ.

I was abused through texts after this via the owner, had my locks changed and refused entry to retrieve my gear. 

Winz told me that I was not allowed to book another hotel because I was the issue, said they would investigate, but, this hotel is still taking in tennant’s through WINZ, even after mounting evidence from many previous tenants. 

Some of these tenants have had their babies whist still in motels.

Now I am in transitional housing through _____ (social housing provider).

We do not have our own household items and are not allowed our pets here. Whist it’s better than the streets, we have had to pay for storage whilst homeless, dog or cat watches. I have gym gear here for my mental health and have been asked to move it into storage (I have refused) I have been accused of having my family live with me when they were visiting the same day as an inspection.

The rents in this area (Woolston/Linwood in Christchurch) are for a 3 bedroom from $450 up, those that are $450 are short lease – most being a year as it’s a pull-down job. 

Some I look at aren’t even cleaning the black mould off walls and why care to anyway because someone will rent it right? 

I am so blessed and so lucky John to have a beautiful clean dry unit provided to me while I look for a rental, but, John, this is straight up killing me.

This is the reality of being homeless, I am hearing some people have waited up to 2 even 3 or 4 years for state housing. 

This is where we are at. If any of this helps you via sharing some of it you are most welcome, motels are no place to raise kids. Transit housing is still soul destroying. The government has to, HAS TO, fix this housing crisis. Some of us won’t make it through for too much longer. 

That is a bit of my story. Thank you for reading.

Is anybody in Labour listening?

Or is Labour’s first priority still to look after middle-class landlords by refusing to adopt an industrial scale state house building programme?

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