After denying a cost of living crisis & saying she wouldn’t slash petrol taxes – Jacinda admits there is and does! Great, do Child Poverty & Housing next!

How long is a week in politics?

Last week Jacinda was denying any cost of living crisis and refused to lower petrol taxes.

PM Jacinda Ardern denies Government spending wasteful, pushes back on claim NZ in cost of living crisis

While the Prime Minister acknowledged it was a tough time for many Kiwis, she stopped short of calling it a crisis.

When asked by AM co-host Ryan Bridge whether she would look at removing or decreasing tax on fuel, the Prime Minister said increases are being driven by COVID, not the Government. 

This week she admits there is a cost of living crisis and that she will lower petrol taxes!

Great. Do Child Poverty, Inequality and Housing next!

Isn’t it amazing how fast a Government will move when polls tank?

We need this same urgency on a whole raft of issues.

I applaud the Government’s decision to slash public transport fares in half as well, let’s go the whole hog and make it free because free public transport would be a serious offset to the tsunami of inflation we are about to face.

Lifting the pension by $40 a week is a smart political move as well.

Keep the boomers happy and they won’t vote National or NZ First.

Here’s the reality, Putin is in this for the long haul and the face saving measures Labour have scrambled together will inoculate us for about 2 weeks before more measures are required.

The speed of this action has been driven by the shock within Labour that they took such a hit in the latest Poll. The social media echo chamber Labour and their Middle Class Marxist cheerleaders live in tells them anyone who disagrees with them are fringe Nazis who are a tiny minority.

It has come as a surprise to them that their transfer of $1Trillion to the richest NZers has made the smelly lumpenproletariat ungrateful.

Watching Middle Class Marxist pretensions pop is glorious.


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