ACT’s Machiavellian Co-Governance Referendum: Winners, Losers & Predictions

ACT’s latest stunt for political relevance is pure Machiavellian genius.

Previously, David Seymour has promised ridiculous nonsense like stripping the Treaty out of all legislation as he did in this years State of the Nation address.

I say nonsense because you know, I know and he knows that attempting to tear out the Treaty from all legislation would cause a race war that he couldn’t contain, no matter how much he twerks.

Which is why his call for a debate and referendum on co-governance is such an explosively clever and brilliantly manipulative stunt.

This referendum on co-governance is the perfect way for the tyranny of the majority to crucify the indigenous minority and reframe righteous land confiscation issues as race based ethno-nationalism.

The fucking balls on this guy right?

Māori suffer losing 95% of their land in less than a century, they were almost decimated by disease and technology brought via colonisation, they endured the 1863 Settlements Act, they survived blatant lies and falsehoods devised to create the pretext for confiscation and saw violence in the Waikato. Māori have lived throughout that entire experience and now have to face David Seymour casually asking for us to question co-governance?

The fucking balls on this guy right?

There are of course winners and losers.



ACT: This is so clever because most Kiwis DO want a debate on co-governance and don’t understand how it works. The friction point is that the woke left currently believe even debating the issue is racist and their reputation for woke lynchings and cancel culture temper tantrum over reach plays perfectly into ACTs hands on a culture war level. I previously thought the Hate Speech legislation would be the dog whistle that lifted ACT, but Labour’s cauterisation of that took all the wind out of ACTs sails. This ‘just asking questions’ referendum will be Seymour’s Orewa Speech moment.

The Fish N Chip Brigade – Only interested in Fish n Chips

David Seymour: His ability to damn the very co-governance model that ACT and National engineered and pretend that’s a principled position and not race baiting is the most extraordinary act of mental gymnastics this country has seen since the Fish n Chip Brigade claimed it was only interested in Fish n Chips.

Willie Jackson: Willie Jackson is first out of the blocks and on Facebook accepted David Seymour’s demand for a debate on co-governance and has offered him multiple times and places to debate the issue – I want to see that and I want John Tamihere and Don Brash to join them so it’s a tag team Pay Per View match up.



The entire nation of NZ: With the sad passing of Moana Jackson, our nation has lost the opportunity to hear one of the greatest political intellectuals in NZ since Bruce Jesson prosecute the blight of colonisation and articulate the most righteous defence of co-governance we could have ever heard. That this farce of a debate should proceed without him is a terrible loss to our history, our culture and our people.

Chris Luxon: Christian Lex Luthor is an enormous political loser in all of this. He’s from the Corporate Woke world where Executives have to learn Te Reo, perform a song and do a Pepeha while never mentioning race relations ever again. He can’t criticise co-governance because his DNA is frightened of offending anyone and because his angry white base want him to be far more offensive than he could ever be. That leaves him looking like he’s frightened of the debate and he’s been left him with only attacking the Māori Health Authority which is politically schizophrenic when you consider the consider it was National that set up the framework of co-governance which Luxon is now denouncing.

Māori Health: Why the hell shouldn’t there be a Māori Health Authority that heals in a Māori way which is open to anyone in the community, because that’s what we are talking about here! If the current system fails Māori as much as it does, and there is a different option that cares in a Māori values way which is open and free to everyone in that community which produces better health outcomes for Māori – THEN WHY THE FUCK ARENT WE DOING IT NOW? The idea that Māori musty be locked into a failing public health system ‘just because’ is the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. While politicians use Māori Health as a political football, Māori’s actual health continues to suffer! One would have thought the recent vaccination issues with Māori would highlight a deep seated distrust of Pakeha Public Health providers, if Māori can produce better health outcomes by delivering it in Māori value centred ways while accepting everyone from the local community free of charge as well, what’s the real fucking problem here?

Woke Left: Fresh from screaming NAZI at all the lumpenproletariat Nazis on Parliament’s Lawns, the Woke left are now screaming ‘RACIST NAZI’ at anyone wanting to enter, listen to or interact in any way with a referendum on co-governance. It will be this woke social media lynching frenzy that most people will see in their social media feeds and recoil in terror at. It will be the Left’s reaction to the mere idea of a debate that will recruit the most for the Right.

Matthew Tukaki & Rawiri Waititi: By screaming that everyone should cancel Xero because a former boss donated money to ACT and ACT are racist now because they want a referendum on co-governance is probably playing directly into David Seymour’s hands.


Calling for a referendum on co-governance, a concept that hasn’t really been explained by the Government while the activist Left are constantly looking for targets to proclaim holy woke war against is the spark that will ignite a terrible political backlash.

Previously David was promising tricks, but as the economy tanks, as people’s pain is open for manipulation, the sanctimonious beauty of calling for ‘debate’ on the attempts to repair the damage to the minority from the majority will take a terrifying life of its own.

David doesn’t understand the forces he is about to let loose.

I believe co-governance is a strength, not a weakness!

In my entire 48 years of life, I as a Pakeha male have never once been penalised in any way shape or form by any measure to help Maori!

I don’t see co-governance as the apartheid some see it as.

Calling He Puapua ‘a secret agenda’ is disingenuous to the words ‘agenda’, ‘secret’ and ‘a’.

The idea that a barely read wish list of indigenous hopes and aspirations that could live up to the promise of the Treaty would ever get fully implemented is Trump like in its delusion of imaginary white fears.

An upper house 50-50 split between Pakeha and Māori to decide Treaty Legislation has been an idea I’ve been arguing for years now!

For a majority MMP Government that can barely build houses to suddenly transform into a super hero for Indigenous rights who manages to overnight re-write the entire constitutional framework of NZ by stealth is so farcical in its possible threat delivery that  you may as well imagine a child with a water pistol up against a laser guided Jet fighter.

He Puapua is a wish list of hopes and aspirations, it is not a secret blueprint for the takeover of a country by radical Māori, to attempt to frame it as such is bordering on QAnon conspiracy fantasy.

Likewise with 3 Waters and the claim it’s Māori stealing the water.

We wouldn’t be having discussion over who owns the water of John Key hadn’t sold our hydro assets!

Māori are a break peddle on neoliberalism and their views can ensure privatisation and foreign ownership stops!

The Treaty of Waitangi, and a Māori worldview are taking a greater role in shaping how we interact with the world

For decades, the Treaty of Waitangi has formed a part of New Zealand’s approach to trade. Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta is kicking it up a notch. National Correspondent Lucy Craymer explains.

When the epochal Uruguay Round of global trade talks was happening almost four decades ago, New Zealand’s chief negotiator had a premonition.

Tim Groser reckoned the global trade arrangements being formed might – in ways he could not anticipate – come into conflict with the Treaty of Waitangi. In 1986, with a Labour Government led by David Lange in office, and vast economic and social reforms sweeping change across the nation at a breakneck speed, the modern significance of Te Tiriti was only starting to come into view.

“We could see a potential political problem arising whereby people would want to do things that we couldn’t quite foresee, in respect to the treaty,” Groser says. “We needed to avoid trade agreements getting in the way of that.”

The negotiation brought about the biggest reform to global trade ever and led to the creation of the World Trade Organisation. A clause was included allowing New Zealand to meet its treaty obligations, even if this meant breaching the global agreement.

Groser says it went through with no controversy and little publicity, even in New Zealand.

“I don’t think a single country raised a question let alone an objection. It’s not surprising. Why would they? Countries have bigger fish to fry,” he says.

A version of this clause, which allows the government to deliver on Te Tiriti ahead of its free trade obligations, has been included in every agreement since.

Most Pakeha don’t know that the Treaty is our out clause in free trade deals.

We can side track the exploitation by global corporations using the Treaty!

For me, I love the Treaty because of the relationship of responsibility it immediately sets up between the Crown and its people. I believe the Treaty needs to be expanded to all NZers and not just Maori because it sets out the obligations of the Crown to protect the rights of its people. We deserve as a nation to entrench the Treaty as the basis of our constitution so we can force Governments to protect our rights rather than strip us of them.

Pakeha want to gloss over the theft and confiscation of indigenous lands because it’s a shameful denial of the promise of a Treaty between two peoples and when you consider the paltry compensation that has been paid back to Maori via the Waitangi Tribunal, it’s a mere $1.4 Billion.

$1.4 Billion for confiscating the majority of NZ???

What is most egregious is that some Pakeha have the audacity to claim that pathetic reparation is a ‘gravy train’.

One of the problems with NZ politics is that we have a unicameral Parliament, that means we just have one chamber with no upper house. This means NZs Parliament is one of the most powerful Parliaments in the world. It allows for legislation to be read straight into law and is one of the reasons why the neoliberal revolution was so ruthless and impossible to reverse.

I think one solution to the Waitangi Tribunal ruling is to consider a NZ Parliament Upper House that has 50-50 representation between Maori and Pakeha. If Sovereignty was never signed away, then the Government of today has a responsibility beyond paltry compensation for past injustices , it must provide real power sharing solutions.

Having a 50-50 Upper House with the power to delay legislation that was not in the best interests of the Nation when it comes to Treaty issues would stop Government’s from fire sales of national assets and prevent things like the Foreshore and Seabed legislation from becoming law.

An Upper House would be seen as a guardian of the Treaty for the maintenance of public well being over private gain, it would show real power sharing and for Pakeha, it would represent a political body that protects their public interests as much as Maori interests.

Now do I for one second believe we can have an actual debate on these very important topics?

No. Fucking. Way!

The activist Left will go into a spinning death feeding frenzy of outrage while those who secretly burn crosses will have a field day under the fake veneer of ‘debate’.

This is going to be a cluster fuck of madness that Seymour will not be able to contain once he releases it.

The only hope we have is to actually step up the way Willie Jackson has and debate the issue in good faith because co-governance IS a unique strength that can build us, but we need the skills to debate without alienating which will play into the hands of extremists.

Comrades, I don’t think we are ready for this Jelly.


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