ACT’s cost of living ‘solution’ is a fortnightly McDonald’s Happy Meal??? Jesus wept David, how did you manage to make Jacinda look out of touch?



Act Party wants to give everyone $187 per year to counter cost of living

Act leader David Seymour said they would fund this from Emissions Trading Scheme revenue.

That is what companies pay in order to emit carbon into the atmosphere.

Seymour said it is about $1 billion a year, and instead of going into what he calls the government’s “climate slush fund”, it could be distributed to everyone.

“Act says, at a time like this, we should return carbon tax revenue to those struggling with high prices,” Seymour said in a statement.

What planet is David living on?

His great solution to the vicious cost of living crisis we are facing is $187 per year?

That’s barely 1 McDonald’s Happy Meal every fortnight.

That’s his solution?

Jesus wept David, how did you manage to make Jacinda look out of touch?

Surely pork barrel politics require a rasher of bacon and a wooden cup at the very least?

$187 a year isn’t a fucking solution and that David seems to think his great wonk idea of refunding climate change money from the emissions trading scheme into people’s pockets is as clever as it is sharp, well he’s got another thing coming.

Smart arsed policy games like this are all fine and dandy for political tragics and undergrads, but people are fucking haemorrhaging money and are screaming for a solution.

$187 a year to offset the tsunami of cost people are facing is the kind of political response that makes people want to kick politicians in the balls.

Who is this petty policy appealing to who don’t already vote ACT?

David, you’ve cornered the gleaming eyed electorate, you need to expand beyond University Debating Team semantics.

The Tax cuts that National and ACT are promising had a sugar high element to them. Once people see the pittance that National and ACT are offering and compare that to the $18000 a year those very same Politicians who are calling for tax cuts will then receive and the desperate electorate will turn away in disgust.


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