On the 186th anniversary of the signing of He Whakaputanga, Jacqueline Paul and Max Harris with the support of First Union announced a framework for a Ministry of Green Works – an ambitious approach to tackling our housing and climate crisis.

“The housing crisis further entrenches poverty and this report and framework looks to provide public housing for people and families on low incomes and with disabilities while ensuring it’s aligned with climate justice and Indigenous values” says coordinator for Auckland Action Against Poverty Brooke Pao Stanley.

It’s an exciting model that normalises honouring Te Tiriti and working together across all sectors to ensure housing is a human right. It also encompasses the building of other infrastructure as well. It can be an example of how other essential services like public transport can be made universally accessible to all, and has potential to expand beyond these services so that all we do from here on out is grounded in Te Tiriti and Green values.

A Ministry of Green Works is an alternative roadmap to our Covid recovery where we can address many of the crises that plagued our system before Covid made them worse. It’s an opportunity for us to unite to address these issues together, in the same way we’ve united to address Covid.

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